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NoSweat Laser Tattoo Removal

Welcome to NoSweat Laser Tattoo Removal. We make removal of tattoos fast, easy and affordable!  Located in Fort Wayne, IN we strive to be the premier laser tattoo removal clinic serving the entire Fort Wayne / Northeast Indiana area.

We are not a medical spa, cosmetic boutique or Tattoo Studio. We are a Medical Practice specializing in laser tattoo removal.  We strive to understand each of our patients’ unique needs and desires. Whether you’re looking to have your tattoo completely removed, or faded for a new cover-up, NoSweat Laser Tattoo Removal delivers results!

Dr. Rettenmaier is a trained Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist (L.T.R.S.) and Laser Safety Officer (L.S.O.) and is also Certified in Advanced Wound Care. He takes great pride in the ability to improve the quality of lives for his customers by safely and efficiently removing unwanted tattoos of all colors. 

We now use the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser system which is the highest powered Pico second and Q-switched laser on the market. It is the only laser which combines an Nd:Yag laser at 1064 nm and 532 nm with a Ruby laser at 694 nm: three true (not manufactured or Dye) wavelengths with the highest achievable fluencies currently available, efficiently targeting all tattoo colors and pigmented lesions.

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